How the War in Ukraine Reveals Global Hypocrisy

Julia Beaudett
4 min readMar 9, 2022
NEOSiAM 2021: Pexels

With everything going on in the world, it’s easy to lose control and get hurt while being on social media. Each minute we update our phones only to see more heart-wrenching news and more ruthless discussions.

As a Russian journalist, who writes primarily for the Western public, I have the opportunity to see many conflicts unfold in Russian, Ukrainian and English languages. Conflicts among those who are involved in this situation directly, and those who are judging based on the information they receive online. Some of them come from the place of ignorance and hatred, while others raise up important questions.

It’s brutal to see how the whole world tearing each other down, while our governments are staying up high thinking about what more they can do to distract civil people from the higher power and bigger questions.

Every time I update Twitter, I see a lot of tweets and articles from Europeans and Americans telling us that we are not doing enough. That each of us ought to be held responsible and rot in our putrid country.

Some of them go further and suggest that “…even after Putin era ends, the world needs to treat Russia as if it is a grave threat to the world and continue to do business with it in any capacity. The planet has a problem here with Russia, and it won’t end with one man.”

“Russians should be destroyed,” support others.

Then, a former United States Ambassador to Russia tweets:

Source: Michael McFaul’s official twitter account.

When I see things like that, I get easily annoyed and offended. The same people, who gave citizenships to the children of Putin’s officials, sold them a solid part of their real estate, shook their hands on summits, ignored the political prisoners, assassinations and election violations are now lecturing us and sharing their advice?

They want to destroy and isolate the entire country because we deserve it, but ignore the fact that their own government invaded or took part in bombings of at least 24 countries since the WWII.