Hi! Thank you for your response. If you actually read the article, you might see that I never mentioned how cooking got me out of depression, it was simply an additional help and motivation. I’m prone to depression and mental disorders and have been seeing psychiatrists almost my whole life for several reasons. In this case I had suicidal thoughts and attempts and had to go on various medication including one of the strongest antidepressants, antipsychotics, and tranquilizers combined with a therapy two times a week and constant work with my dad who is also a psychiatrist. I know what you mean by not having any desire or strengths for routines, because I spent a month in my bed not being able to talk, move or eat. Mixed with my mental health and all sorts of feelings and problems this depression wasn’t only about the breakup. But cooking was a really helpful factor to eventually stimulate myself getting out of bed and have some kind of purpose when the medicine finally kicked in and the therapy started helping to at least do something other than crying and sleeping. After all, you can be on medications forever, but it only improves your state, not your life. Sooner or later, a good therapist will recommend you to find something that will create you at least a temporary purpose.

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