It’s things like this that destigmatize the shame around periods and women being afraid to be spotted with a pad or a tampon in their purse like it’s something awful and shameful. Men talk about all sorts of stuff, people can discuss pooping and whatever the hell happens to them without shame around it. They can say “O, i just farted” but a woman can’t feel comfortable saying she doesn’t feel well bc of her periods or ask someone to buy her tampons. We should yell about our periods at work but we should be open to conversations about it and make it more acceptable in the society in order for women to feel less ashamed about such natural things.

I don’t find semen disgusting. I’d gladly swallow it while giving a head to my man without making any comments about it. But it’s not the best, everybody knows that. I said that to make a compartment with those guys who expect women to do uncomfortable things for them (such as letting their partners come in their mouth when they can’t stand a taste of their semen) while those guys are afraid to get a bit dirty to actually help and relief their partner.

chief editor at Sexography | aspiring alcoholic trying to navigate the modern world of dating | support my writing or coffee addiction

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