Thank you for your comment! Those are some interesting questions.

It actually doesn’t work for me with a regular stimulation, so it wouldn’t do anything if I was touching it with my hand while masturbating. It only works when the partner can actually suck on it and lick it and basically treat it like if it was my clit (but not in any special secret way).

As for the casual sex, it’s not always the case. I’m personally too picky and require at least some connection to sleep with someone so I don’t really end up in the situations with the wrong guys. In my article I mention it more as an insecutiry that stops me from casual sex. The fear of being rejected and not even trying knowing it won’t be good without certain things I’m too ashamed to ask. But I often hear stories about selfish guys my girlfriends meet, or the guys who only care about coming and won’t even wait for their partner (to say nothing of doing something for them).

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